My distaste does not outweigh my curiosity.

By | April 15, 2011

WHS 2011I don’t really hide my feelings about Windows Home Server, considering it left a very sour taste in my mouth after a year of use.  With the exclusion of drive extender technology from the recent Technet-released Windows Home Server 2011, I was even less interested.

However, as all geeks know, our curiosity eventually gets the best of each and every one of us.  I logged into my Technet account a few moments ago and let loose that which killed the cat…

WHS 2011

Windows Home Server 2011

I will share a thing or two about this in the very near future.

13 thoughts on “My distaste does not outweigh my curiosity.

      1. Ken

        well you may be interested in the following that i posted in my buzz about this morning..

        4TB for $115 – Newegg, wife required.

        You need to open a new account on Newegg to take advantage of the $25 off $100 then buy two of these suckers:

        The code for $25 off is NEWGEEK25
        There is a code for the drives too – HARDOCPX413A

  1. Adam

    I’ve been considering replacing my ReadyNAS for a few weeks now (it’s been running 24/7 for 4-5 years now). Have looked at a Synology RAID, a RAID controller for my hackintosh, and Windows Home Server. There are things about WHS that appeal to me. Automatic archiving of recorded TV shows from Windows Media Center, automatic backups of Windows (and now Macs), better performance and a responsive UI. What scares the daylights out of me is data integrity. If I have 6-8TB of data devoted to media, desktop backups, etc, I need to know that the data is relatively safe. Backing up is all well and good, but investing in 6TB for WHS and an additional 6TB for backing up WHS is a problem. Drives are inexpensive, but there’s comes a point of diminishing returns. I depend on RAID-5/X-RAID more than I should, but I need to know that I’m relatively protected if a single drive fails. So I’m disappointed that Drive Extender has been removed from WHS and that WHS relies on traditional backups for data integrity. Not that DE was without it’s share of problems.

    That said, I have thought about what it would take to build a low power, expandable WHS 2011 server. Odds are, I won’t take that route. A $800 Synology DS1511+ with it’s compact case, lower power requirements, longer term manufacturer hardware support, and expandability will probably win out.

    Wow, that was a lot of writing for me.

    1. Jon Post author

      Well, this is 100% out of curiosity for me. I will never uproot my unRAID server unless it goes the way of the dodo and leaves me no choice. Even then, hardware would have to surpass compatibility for it.

      1. Adam

        Maybe I’ll look into putting together an unRaid server with a Zacate system board. Might be a nice little system.

        1. Jon Post author

          Only downside is port density. One PCIe and limited onboard ports. Have to make sure of NIC compatibility also.

          1. Adam

            I built an unRAID server with the Asus Zacate board, 4gb RAM, 3 x WD 2TB drives, small Lian Li case, and a 5×3 Icy Cool SATA cage. It’s up and running, but I’m pre_clearing the drives so it’s not exactly usable yet. Hopefully they’ll pass without any errors. The build went well and I love the power consumption. I think it’s drawing less power than my ReadyNAS NV+! The system board has 5 SATA III ports and three PCI-ish slots so it was a good choice for a SOHO file server.

            I think I should move my HTPC over to a zacate board. I’ll lose all of my HBO recordings, but the power consumption and the ability to lose a few case fans is very tempting.

          2. Jon Post author

            Sounds good…still have that PCIe slot for an 8-port SuperMicro card later too. As far as using one for an HTPC, I love mine so far.

  2. Adam

    The Asus E35M1-M PRO has 5 internal SATA ports and should be compatible according to the forums. Of course, that’s the most expensive Zacate board. :-(


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