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Improve Vista and Windows 7 network performance.

In some case, you may notice poor network performance in streaming multimedia files to Vista or Windows 7 client systems. Symptoms typically include video choppiness or annoying skips during playback.  Long pauses upon initiating playback of files can also occur.  If you encounter issues such as this, you could simply be a victim of some more »

RAMDisks take 2!

This is more of an update to my Fun with RAMDisks post made nearly a year ago.  With the alpha testing for the upcoming Media Browser Firestorm release going in full swing, I thought I would post a small update that makes this useful (for those of you with little RAM also). Firestorm will include more »

Another plugin index rework is in progress.

In order to make things even easier for you, I’ve decided to rework the plugin index once again.  I am now using a table format that allows auto-sorting by simply clicking on each column header.  I have just updated the main plugin table with the new one and the remaining tables are being worked on more »