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Monitoring DirectShow filter chains and troubleshooting codecs.

You just got your brand new Windows 7 HTPC up and running, configured the necessary shares to access all of your media, installed the codecs needed for playback and then find out that things just are not working like you expected.  For whatever reason, some other codec is being used to decode your video and/or more »

MCDiag: Media Center Diagnostic Tool.

This may be out of the scope of what some Media Center users can make use of, but I thought it was worth posting for those who have an innate curiosity for all things geeky. While doing my typical “I’m-bored-so-what-can-I-find-to-waste-my-time-on-the-Internet-with” rounds, I came across the Media Center Diagnostic Tool (MCDiag) on Charlie Owen’s blog.  It more »