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New plugin from Revision3.

The folks over at the Revision3 Internet TV (nerdtv) site have put out their own Media Center plugin so you can catch all their shows from the comforts of your living room.  All the shows like Tekzilla, Diggnation, Hak 5 and more are all there.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything from Revision3, but more »

Using PlayOn and TubeCore to offset cable bills? Maybe…

Streaming content from the Internet is getting better and better as time progresses.  We are seeing more content, higher quality and more reliable streams – it’s also pretty cheap.  A lot of content is completely free with some premium streaming services offering dirt cheap stream only packages, like Netflix for only $7.99 a month.  With more »

A look at SecondRun.tv.

With the number of free Windows Media Center plugins available out there, it sometimes makes it difficult for me to justify paying for one.  Sure, many of the premium plugins provide additional features and functionality, but even then I rarely find that I can’t do without those extras.  However, for just $3.99, the new SecondRun.tv more »

Improve Vista and Windows 7 network performance.

In some case, you may notice poor network performance in streaming multimedia files to Vista or Windows 7 client systems. Symptoms typically include video choppiness or annoying skips during playback.  Long pauses upon initiating playback of files can also occur.  If you encounter issues such as this, you could simply be a victim of some more »