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Fix your Windows 7 resume issue with MicroCenter SSD drives.

A couple of months ago, I bought one of the MicroCenter G2 SSD drives for $99.99 as it seemed like a pretty good deal on a 64GB drive.  I took my chances on some of the issues reported from the SandForce-equipped drives and put it in my bedroom HTPC.  I was very happy with the more »

Got to play a little this weekend.

The wife and kids were gone to NY for the weekend, so I got a chance to do a few things that I had been forced to put off for a while.  The biggest was replacing my mother-in-law’s HTPC with ‘new’ parts and a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro x86.  She had been on more »

Loss of signal after resuming from standby.

My wife and kids left for New York yesterday morning to visit her side of the family, leaving me alone at the house until Sunday night.  That leaves me with all times to do, well, stuff! Last night I decided to convert my last remaining Vista Media Center to Windows 7 and also to add more »