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Codec and filter testing – Sample video files.

I am gearing up to begin doing some updated codec/filter guides as I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time.  Aside from not having much time to fool with my setups due to real life commitments, I just wasn’t interested in doing it since I also liked writing about them.  Not having the more »

My codec guide for Windows 7 Media Center.

While not totally inclusive, I decided to document my current codec guide for playing everything I have in my media library in Windows 7 Media Center using Media Browser.  I emphasize “current” because it does change from time-to-time.  I won’t get into that, however.  There are codec “packs” out there that simplify this process for more »

ffdshow DXVA with subtitles? I think so.

I was messing around with my codecs this morning and decided to update my ffdshow installation to clsid’s revision3291 (32-bit).  I don’t remember the last revision I had, but I know it did not have the new DXVA decoder available for h.264 and VC-1 sources.  What really piqued my interest, was that it included settings more »

DivX 7: h.264 is in there!

It’s not exactly new news as there have been several beta versions and an alpha already released, but I decided to sign up so that I could download it for the first time this past weekend. I’m talking about the latest DivX 7.0 package which now includes an h.264 codec for playback on its included more »