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Troubleshooting Zotac ITX audio dropouts.

Some time ago I put together an ITX system using a Zotac GF9300-G-E.  It was the final piece to my bedroom project, except there has been one glaring issue since I got everything finished…I haven’t gotten the chance to use it!  My youngest son slept with us and he goes to bed early.  He’s not more »

Monitoring DirectShow filter chains and troubleshooting codecs.

You just got your brand new Windows 7 HTPC up and running, configured the necessary shares to access all of your media, installed the codecs needed for playback and then find out that things just are not working like you expected.  For whatever reason, some other codec is being used to decode your video and/or more »

Audio tips with ffdshow and AC3Filter.

For the longest time, I’ve encoded most of my movies with AAC audio since I can go pretty low on the bitrate while still keeping all the original channels plus excellent audio quality compared to the source.  Recently, I stopped encoding AC3 (although, depending on the length of the movie, I will encode DTS on more »