Just what I always wanted.

By | May 6, 2011

Tools!I just placed a couple of orders via Amazon and Monoprice for items I will need for the upcoming move.  I settled on a new receiver, wiring and other general networking needs.  However, none of that excites me like the power tool I purchased to make my life easier this time around.

First, the necessities I purchased:

  • After the price on the Onkyo HT-RC260 jumped by over $60, I was left without knowing what to get for my new living room receiver.  CT chat buddy braigo64 showed me the Onkyo TX-SR508, which I definitely was aware of, but had no idea that it was so low in cost ($248 and free shipping).  It’s an older generation, but it has what I need.
  • 100ft 16AWG CL2-rated speaker wire for in-wall installation from MonoPrice.  Furthest run I have is only about 20ft, so anything heavier really wasn’t needed.
  • A bunch of CAT6 keystone jacks, Ethernet crimp-on jacks and cable boots from MonoPrice.
  • 6.5″ in-wall speakers for left and right surrounds.
  • 5″ in-ceiling speakers for back surrounds.
  • 4-speaker binding post single wall plate for surrounds with banana plugs (no more messy speaker wire mess)
  • 6-hole 2-gang wall plate and keystones to build my own custom HDMI, component, Ethernet and subwoofer wall jack mount.
  • 3-gang wall mount for the last two wall plates to rest on.  1-gang recessed wall plate for TV power cord to pass through.
  • 6ft and 3ft HDMI cables.  3ft component cable.  New dual emitter for Xantech IR block…my other one was damaged, so I never got to use it for two devices.

I will be picking up a 1000ft spool of CAT6 in a couple of weeks when I begin to start running that.  Micro Center has it for $99.99 and I couldn’t find it anywhere cheaper that also had reasonable shipping.

Now, for the prized portion of my total order.  The RotoZip RZ01-1100-RT Spiral Saw with 3 Bits.  The one I ordered is factory reconditioned, but it should make a nice addition to my tool kit.  With all the cutouts for Ethernet jacks, speakers and whatever-needs-a-hole-cut, there was no way I was going to use my little manual drywall saw again.  I’ve wanted a RotoZip for a while and now I have one.  I haven’t even received it yet, but I already have an obsession –  I just can’t stop thinking of all the projects I want to do that include this little thing.

Fun awaits…read about it here!

9 thoughts on “Just what I always wanted.

  1. DamianP

    Sweet, definitely look forward to seeing how things progress. Banana Plugs are awesome, the wall plate from Monoprice has worked out great so far.

    1. Jon Post author

      This time around I want to focus on cable management. As it is right now, it’s a total mess. It’s all hidden from plain site, but that doesn’t make it neat.

    2. Jon Post author

      Yeh, I really want to keep things as modular as possible this time around – everywhere. I just hope I don’t get rushed into just getting it all working since that is where I tend to make “shortcuts” that just end up in long term mess. I’ll at least get to document a little more of the actual wiring and whatnot this time around.

  2. Mike R.

    The TX-SR508 is a really nice receiver. I bought one on Craigslist for $125. I ended up selling it for $25 more than i paid for it when I moved, but I’m regretting it still almost a year later. Those speakers are nice, too. I think I could even get the wife on board for me to slap those in the walls. Have fun with your Rotozip. It’s definitely a workhorse of a tool.

    1. Jon Post author

      I’m pretty happy to have ended up with the 508, especially at the price in comparison to the 260 and 608. I’d say I landed right in the middle of the two, but walked away with the best price and I can’t wait to try out the speakers. The bedroom in-wall/in-ceilings came from MonoPrice and I’ve been very happy with them in that setting. I was prepped to get them from there again until I saw that Amazon carried similar ones and their shipping was free – saved me $30 in shipping alone. I’m fairly certain that all budget in-wall/in-ceiling speakers are probably close to identical, so I’m sure they’ll perform fine as surrounds. Plus, I’ll get to move to true 7.1 in the bedroom now that the Onkyo HT-SR800 gets moved there. The RotoZip will be a life saver for me…I can’t count how many times I could have used one of those over the past 5 years or so.

      1. Ken

        Have you listened to those speakers prior to purchasing, I’m just curious what made you jump on those particular models – price?

        Speaking of budget items coming from the same manufacturer I once did a comparison purchase between a few vendors (monoprice, deep discount, etc) and the CAT6 cables were the exact same down to packaging and all.

        I am currently looking for budget (decent) speakers for my media room and would like to know if you have experience with other brands that you could compare these to.

        1. Jon Post author

          No reason really…price if I have to pick something. I just kind of assume that most all of these budget in-wall/in-ceiling speakers are close to the same. They all look the same, have the same specifications and my guess is that they are just re-branded. Having just got ones for surround only, I’m not as concerned about their performance as I would be the fronts/center. I’m sure they’ll be just fine for their purpose.

  3. Riccardo

    Yep, I could tell you were really excited about that Rotozip! Something tells me your wife will be coming home to find random holes in the walls for a while.


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