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Big Screen EPGThird party EPG tool that really has too many options to list in a confined space. Instructions for registering for the download are here.Y7MCView10/5/09
Daemon ToolsOptical media emulator required by many Media Center plugins to mount disc images.YAllView10/1/09
file2folder GUIGUI version of the popular script. Still moves files to their own folder, but now includes much more functionality!YAllView5/15/10
file2folder ScriptA little script I wrote that became very popular. Instantly create and move all the files in a folder into a folder of the same name.YAllN/A10/5/09
Guide ToolExternal application for complete Media Center guide management. Tons of options and has DVBLink compatibility. LIsted VMC compatibility is for TV Pack versions only.YVMC,7MCView10/3/09
GuideHound EPGmport your own guide data (in XMLTV format) into Windows Media Center 7 using your favourite online provider (or from a file on your computer/network). N7MCView1/5/2011
Impact’s Playlist Generator (IPG)Command-line drive application that automatically scans specified directories and then creates custom playlists from their contents. Excellent when using this as a scheduled task.YAllView10/1/09
MC7 Hide Menu StripsAlters the registry (no resource hacking) to hide/display 7MC menu strips.Y7MCView10/1/09
LCDWriterOutput Media Center operations to your compatible VFD.YMCE,VMC,?View10/1/09
LEDSdriverLEDSdriver can control the LEDs on any PS/2 or USB keyboard, or up to 3 LEDs connected to a standard serial (COM) port. This makes it a simple job to mod the HDD LED of your HTPC into a recording LED.YAllView10/1/09
mcBackup 3.0 for Windows 7Backup your Windows Media Center scheduled recordings and channel lineup with one easy tool. Features scheduled backup service, options to backup recorded TV to another folder PC or server
This version is designed for Windows 7 onl
The MaxifierDisplay assistant for running Media Center on two screens.YMCE,VMC,?View10/1/09
MC MultiMonDynamically send your Media Center window to any monitor with the click of a mouse!YAllView10/1/09
MCE Standby Tool (MST)Take control of your Media Center’s power settings with this utility. No more fighting with entering and resuming out of standby!YAllView10/1/09
MCE Virtual RemoteControl your Media Center from any other PC!YAllView10/1/09
Media Browser Tools and UtilitiesInstead of trying to list one individual, I've included a link to the topic. Many useful tools you never knew existed!YAllN/A1/13/11
Media Center StudioTake advantage of advanced resource editing to completely customize your VMC and 7MC menu and theme. Update of the popular MC Menu Mender.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
ngRCNext generation remote control! Use your PSP or iPhone to control your Media Center!YMCE,VMC,?View10/1/09
Sony PS3 Remote ApplicationUse your PS3 Bluetooth remote to work as a standard Media Center remote.YMCE,VMC,?N/A10/1/09
Recorded TV Manager 3A collection of Windows applications that are designed specifically for home networks with one or more Media Center systems recording TV programming for later viewing. Works with DVR-MS and WTV files.YAllView10/1/09
RemoteKCAn autohotkey script that allows use of the Media Center remote as a mouse and triple-tap keyboard.YMCE,VMC,?N/A10/1/09
Remote PotatoRemote Potato is the missing part of Windows 7 Media Center. You can now schedule and manage your recordings over the Internet. Record shows, record series, cancel recordings, view upcoming recordings. Home late from the office? No problem, just open a web browser and tell your Media Center PC to record that sitcom, so it's waiting for you when you get in. If you don't know what you want to watch, you can browse through an online EPG too, all sent to you from your very own home.Y7MCView3/26/10
Transcode360Transcode otherwise unsupported media to the XBOX360 and other extenders. Widely used in many different media plugins for Media Center.YAllN/A10/1/09
Tuner SaladIncrease the tuner limit in Windows 7 Media Center from 4 tuners to 8 of each available type!Y7MCView8/13/10
TunerDJTool that eases the the registry configuration for tuners in Windows Media Center. Configure, manage, rename, backup and restore settings, change tuner preference and more with this tool.Y?,VMC,?View10/1/09
Vader’s TranscoderBetter quality transcoder than Transcoder360 and much more configurable. Trial available.NMCE,VMCView10/1/09
VideoImageGrabberGrabs a video frame of your video files and stores them with your video by "filename".jpg. Provides a thumb for your videos.YVMC,7MCView2/1/11
Virtual CloneDriveFree, no frills virtual drive software. Simple, yet gets the job done.YAllView10/1/09
VMCMoteA native IPhone/IPod Touch application to wirelessly browse the Vista Media Center music library, play/enqueue tracks, create playlists, etc. A rudimentary "Remote Control" functionality is also included. 'Lite' version is free. Full featured version available for a small price.YVMC,7MCView10/5/09
WebGuideEnjoy live TV streaming, with PVR functionality, or remotely control your Media Center’s recordings from any web browser.YMCE,VMCView10/1/09
Windows 7 Video Playlist CreatorQuickly create wvx video playlist for Windows Media Center. This functinality is not included in WMC and is useful if you want to play video files back to back without selecting the next file.YVMC,7MCView2/10/10
WTV WatcherIf you run VMC with TV Pack or 7MC and need to constantly convert your recorded TV programs to DVRMS format, then you need this to make it painless.YVMC,7MCN/A11/16/09

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