Plugins: Miscellaneous

Audio Renderer Updater

[ratings id="4167"]Change your audio output method using a Media Center compatible remote!


[ratings id="4170"]This Windows 7 Media Center plug-in allows you to view video in a slide-show fashion. It features a "clip" capability that can play random clips of video media (45 sec, 90 sec and 2 min intervals). It also integrates with Windows Home Server and Windows 7 Homegroup.

Core Temp MC

[ratings id="4171"]Core Temp MC is a Windows Media Center add on (supported in Vista and Windows 7) which allows the user to view the status of their processor directly from Windows Media Center's UI.

Cyberlink PowerDVD

[ratings id="4172"]Launch BluRay and HD-DVD natively from Media Center.


[ratings id="4173"]Playing your media is only part of the entertainment options a PC in the living room can provide. EMUCenter helps bring more options to your Media Center experience by allowing you access to your full collection of Windows and emulated games in an easy to set up environment.


[ratings id="4174"]GameEx is a graphical DirectX based front-end for MAME, GameBase, Daphne, PC Games, and all command line based game emulators, along with being a complete Home Theatre PC solution or plug in for windows media center. It's designed to be used seamlessly with arcade controls and various arcade products and also has fully featured touchscreen and tablet support suitable to be used as a CarPC and touchscreen frontend. GameEx is available as a free or enhanced registered version.


[ratings id="4179"]Output Media Center operations to your compatible VFD.

Made for Media Center

[ratings id="4180"]Ongoing project that will allow you to browse and install participating plugins right from your Media Center!


[ratings id="4186"]Toggle subtitles, audio streams, enable rewind and fast forward using the MCE remote for video files. This app is designed to work with ffdshow. It also supports toggling subtitles with DirectVobSub or ffdshow. To use this app I recommend the Vista Codec Pack (which also works with XP).


[ratings id="4185"]Display caller-ID information for incoming calls and view call history from Media Center. Requires TAPIRex (not free) and compatible modem for operation.

MCGoogle Calendar Beta

[ratings id="4175"]A Media Center add-in to view your Google Calendar events.

Media Center Transcoder

[ratings id="4187"]With Media Center Transcoder you can convert recorded TV programs to a number of different video formats. All on your Media Center TV.
The only pre-requisite is that you have ATI Avivo installed on your Media Center PC.

Media Control

[ratings id="4188"]Media Control is a Windows Media Center plugin that enhances the features offered to the end user.
It is interfaced with FFDShow Tryout, a DirectShow filter that is able to decode most audio & video formats.

Mount Image

[ratings id="4189"]Mount Image is a simple add-in for Windows 7 Media Center for displaying and mounting disc image files (i.e. ISOs) from the native interface, either Movie Library or Video Library. Most people recommend either 3rd party video libraries (Media Browser, OML, MyMovies, ...) and generally those are the easiest, but I thought I'd share another option that I use.

My Channel Logos for WMC

[ratings id="4190"]The MCL team serves to dig deep inside the Windows Media Center code, and bring out the best in your TV guide. Through a combination of unique modifications custom-tailored by the MCL team, you can make your guide not just look better, but become more functional. In a matter of minutes, your guide can go from good to great, in a user-friendly interface.

Recorded TV HD

[ratings id="4831"]Recorded TV HD allows you to watch your recorded TV shows in Windows 7 Media Center® with more style and ease. Since you can setup multiple favorites lists, Recorded TV HD is a must for those who record a lot of television!

Recorded TV Manager 4

[ratings id="4195"]Recorded TV Manager is a collection of Microsoft Windows® applications, Media Center add-ins and Windows services designed specifically for home networks that include one or more Windows Media Center machines which record and collect television programming for later viewing ("time shifting").


[ratings id="6640"]Relaunch is a 2 foot UI utility to add a new tile to the Extras Library of Windows Media Center. Launch YouTube TV, Hulu, Kylo Browser, and more!


[ratings id="4199"]tvitty is an add-in for Microsoft Windows Media Center (TM) designed for your tv & remote. It lets you find download and watch videos distributed over the internet, right from your couch. tvitty currently supports bittorrent networks, and we're planning to add progressive download and streaming support. We use tvitty to distribute our own ad-supported content in certain regions, and promote free legal content worldwide.

vmcMote and vmcMote HD

[ratings id="4203"]vmcMote is an App for iPhone/iPod Touch that let you remote your windows media center! vmcMote HD is a special iPad version of vmcMote. Now with Win8 support!

W7 Caller ID

[ratings id="4204"]W7 Caller ID - phone application that allows you to log phone calls and show them on Computers in your home network (PC and Mac), Windows Media Center, MediaPortal and XBMC. Now with Bluetooth support of smartphones!