Plugins: Communication

Big Screen Contacts v2

[ratings id="4094"]Big Screen Contacts 2 is designed for the 10' lifestyle - giving you instant access to all your Windows Contacts - via your remote control - direct to your lounge room.

Media Center Mail

[ratings id="4098"]With Media Center Mail you can read your e-mails on your Media Center TV. Media Center Mail comes with its own mail system for receiving e-mails from POP3 servers.

Media Center Outlook

[ratings id="4099"]With Media Center Outlook you can read your e-mails, consult your calendar, see information about your contacts, watch your tasks and read your notes. Media Center Outlook retrieves all this information from Microsoft Outlook and displays it on your Media Center TV.

Media Center Video Phone

[ratings id="4100"]With Video Phone for Windows 7/Vista you can have video conversations on your Media Center TV. You can start a conversation, but you can also answer incoming calls from others. Video Phone for Windows 7/Vista makes use of the standard SIP (session initiation) protocol.

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