Plugins: Automation


[ratings id="4087"]Life|ware provides instant, fingertip control of lighting, temperature, audio, shades, and security and also allows users to enjoy the latest live and recorded TV, movies, videos, music, radio, and photos anywhere in the home.


[ratings id="4089"]With mceNetCAM, IP-address-based cams can be added and monitored in Windows Media Center.


[ratings id="4088"]For home owners, mControl v3 provides unrivaled value for home monitoring and control - without expensive and awkward plans. mControl v3 also provides our partners a scalable platform for advanced solutions. From making your personal home a better place or deploying an energy management solution to a range of homes, mControl v3 is the foundation for the Digital Home.

Power Manager

[ratings id="4091"]With Power Manager you can tell other PC's in your network to wake-up or to go into hibernation.  You can do so from a PC or even from a Windows Mobile phone!

Task Scheduler

[ratings id="4093"]Create a task with the external application and then run or stop it within Media Center. Simple, but effective for any number of possibilities.