Metadata Managers

Metadata Managers

DVD Library Managerdvdid.xml editor for the Vista Media Center DVD Library. Can scan your collection then allows you to download metadata and artwork from IMDB and Amazon.YAllView10/1/09
FixGenresSimple tool that will go through your existing metadata and cleanup your messy genres to those pulled from IMDb. Can also be used to assign icons and backdrops for genres directly to the ImagesByName directory!YAllN/A6/22/10
HD Movie Trailer DownloaderAutomatically download HD trailers from Apple iTunes and Yahoo!, complete with metadata and artwork compatible with Media Browser!YVMC,7MCView10/1/09 DownloaderCommand-line utility for downloading HD trailers in 480p/720p/1080p from Can be set up for batch scheduling.YAllView10/1/09
Media Center MasterAutomatic metadata and artwork fetching application for Media Browser. Grabs content from IMDB, tMDB and theTVDB. Can also grab trailers and torrents.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
Media ScoutAutomatic metadata and artwork fetcher and file renamer for Media Browser. Works for movies and TV series. Sporadically maintained and no longer developed, but still works…most of the time. Some support available at the Media Browser Forums.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
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All-in-one metadata retrieval utility that pulls metadata and artwork from and Originally designed to work exclusively with Media Browser, MetaBrowser can now save content for additional media libraries (i.e. info and dvdid.xml files). More functionality than any one person knows what to do with! Free version available here.Y/NAllView10/1/09
Metadata BrowserCompact metadata and artwork fetching tool. Scrapes IMDB and stores files compatible with Media Browser. Formerly known as Metadata Tool.YVMC,7MCView6/14/10
MetaVideoEditorManage movie and tv show metadata. Works with MediaBrowser, MyMovies, XBMC and Windows DVD Library.yAllView6/22/10
Movie PimpMovie Pimp is first and foremost a movie manager. It was created to keep track of movies from various sources, download information about the movie from or IMDB and store that information in an SQL database. Slowly I've been adding more "front-end" home theater functionality.YAllView12/3/2010
My Movie FinderGrabs metadata (dvdid.xml) and cover art for the 7MCbuilt-in movie library.Y?,7MCView10/1/09
Salami’s Movie OrganizerThe original metadata and artwork fetcher for Video Browser. Simple and easy-to-use metadata retrieval from IMDB and posters from IMPAwards. No backdrop retrieval.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
Stark CoversComplimentary utility to add some very nice effects such as 3D, case framing, gloss, etc. to your existing folder (poster) images automatically while preserving the original image.YAllView10/7/09
TV Metadata FinderReplaces the old Ruby Scraper coded by Sam Saffron for populating TV series in Video Browser (Media Browser). Now includes a GUI and much more functionality.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
YAMMM (Yet Another Media Manager)Runs as a Windows service, automatically scanning specified folder structures for new movie files and then can rename them, grab metadata and artwork, create playlists and then store it in a number of formats that are compatible with the most popular media managers.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09

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