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AnyDVDPretty much a “must have” if you rip BluRay discs or want to watch them without hassle on your HTPC’s BluRay player. Removes disc encryption on DVD also allowing uninhibited playback and/or ripping. Includes disc ripping utility also. Trial available. HD version must be purchased for BluRay/HD-DVD.NAllView10/1/09
AVIDemuxFree, multiplatform video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks supporting many different input and output formats. I would consider this the evolution of VirtualDubMod.YAllView10/1/09
AVISynthA scripting language and collection of filters for simple (and not so simple) non-linear video editing tasks. Frameserves video to other applications. If your serious about encoding video, you really need to get a grip on this!YAllN/A10/1/09
ComSkipFree MPEG commercial detctor which can be used in conjunction with a number of other utilities to cut out commercials. Supports several formats and containers. h.264 support available for donators.YAllView10/1/09
DivX ConverterIncluded in the Pro package for DivX 7. Allows for the conversion to DivX and DivX Plus (h.264) content. Trial available.NAllView10/1/09
DVDDecrypterDecrypt and then rip your DVD to ISO, VIDEO_TS folder or by IFO (movie only with selectable audio, video and subtitle tracks). No longer in development, but I still use it regularly. Can also be used to burn ISOs to disc.YAllView10/1/09
DVDFab HD DecrypterAll kinds of utilities for ripping, copying and converting DVD and Blu-ray material. Now with 3D support!Y/NAllView10/1/09
DVD ShrinkNo longer updated, but still useful. Still removes most DVD encryption and can remove title menus, extras, alternate audio/subtitle tracks and can encode the main movie for smaller file sizes. Can be used to completely reauthor any DVD.YAllView10/1/09
DVRMSToolboxAutomatically encode, convert and/or strip commercials from your Media Center recordings. Compatibility with WTV files (TV Pack and 7MC) appears to be hit-and-miss, so no specific download link is available. If you have any info on this, please contact me or comment.YAllView10/1/09
eac3toUse this to extract and convert E-AC3, TrueHD, PCM and DTS-HD to more compatible AC3, DTS or FLAC formats. Used by many free all-in-one utilities that convert HD movies. Official forum thread at Doom9.YAllView10/1/09
FairUse WizardI don’t use too many “one-click” encoding solutions, but this one has been invaluable to me for encoding all of my sons’ cartoon series. Can take an entire DVD/ISO and output individual encoded episodes – not many that can do that at all…and do it well. Several output formats and quality is very good (better than most “one-clicks”). Limited feature free version is available.NAllView10/1/09
Gordian KnotIntegrated package for automated encoding to DivX/XviD.YAllView10/1/09
GraphStudioOpen source and more powerful (more recent also) than GraphEdit, this tool allows for the display and manipulation of how a system’s DirectShow filter graph operates.YAllView10/1/09
HandbrakeOpen-source, GPL licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. Fast and dead-easy to use with quality output in many popular formats.YAllView10/1/09
LifextenderLifextender scans your recording directories for new recording files and then utilizes ComSkip or ShowAnalyzer to remove the commercials and saves as a new file or replaces the old one…with a much smaller file size. The key to Lifextender is simplicity. Does not currently support the WTV format.YAllView10/1/09
MakeMKVEncoding not your thing? This app can take your DVD/BluRay and mux the video, audio and subtitle streams you want directly to an MKV container in no time! Can also be used to rip individual series episodes.YAllView
MC-TVConverterMC-TVConverter is a FREE (GPL) GUI (Graphical User Interface) for various commandline video converters. It's mainly targeted to convert recordings from Microsoft Windows MediaCenter, which introduced the new WTV format in Windows7 and Vista with TV-Pack.YAllView3/10/11
MCEBuddyAutomated service for Media Center that converts native DVR-MS files to a more user-configurable format (WMV, h.264 or DivX). Can be used along with ComSkip or ShowAnalyzer for commercial removal also. WTV format is not yet supported, but development is scheduled to resume Oct. ‘09.YAllView10/1/09
MeGUIIf you want total control over your encoding jobs along with no end to configuration options, then MeGUI is for you. It’s easy enough for an educated beginner, but can go as advanced as you could ever want. I use this one regularly. Official forum thread at Doom9.YAllView10/1/09
MKVToolnixMultiplatform utility to create, alter and inspect Matroska (MKV) files. If you mess with MKV files and don’t have this, I don’t know how you manage. Grab MKVExtractGUI to go along with it.YAllView10/1/09
RipBot264Simple and easy to use GUI. Convert from DVD, Blu-ray or any video to IpoD, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, PC(MP4,MKV), Blu-ray or AVCHD without exotic filters and unnecessary settings. Requires AVisynth, ffdshow, haali media splitter and .Net Framework. I use this one almost exclusively and love that it can accept AVS scripts. Official forum thread at Doom9.YAllView10/1/09
ShowAnalyzer“Commercial” automatic commercial detection application that can then be used in conjunction with a number of other editors to remove them. Trial available.NAllView10/1/09
VideoRedoAs far as I know, this is the preferred application when dealing with WTV files with as little hassle as possible (and no prior converting to DVR-MS or MPG first). Plus and TV Suite editions available. Trials also available.NAllView10/1/09
VirtualDubModThis thing is like that rusty old pocketknife your uncle gave you. I always have it around because I still have a use for it. Still a good video capture and linear processor. Necessary for many encoding applications that utilize frameserving.YAllView10/1/09
Windows Media Encoder 9If you like to encode to WMV/WMA formats, then this is where you probably need to start.YAllView10/1/09

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