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External Players

BoxeeDownload and install this streaming TV, movie, music and photo aggregator and launch it from Media Center with this add-on! Also plays local media! Boxee works with XP, Vista and Win7, but the launcher is only good for VMC/7MC. Could also be added using MC Menu Mender/MC Studio.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
Hulu DesktopCan be used in conjunction with HuluDesktopWMC to create an entry point that opens Hulu Desktop from within Media Center. Or, create your own using MC Menu Mender/Media Center Studio. This is not a native Media Center application.YAllView10/1/09
HuluLauncherGet better control over your Media Center/Hulu Desktop by using this launcher utility. Menu strip entry, priority control and more are part of this release.YVMC,7MCN/A4/2/10
Media Player Classic – Home CinemaBased on the original Media Player Classic player. Can be used by some Media Center plugins to externally launch video files for better codec functionality and support (such as DXVA hardware acceleration).YAllView10/1/09
VideoLAN Client (VLC)Highly portable multimedia player. Can be used by some Media Center plugins as an external player.YAllView10/1/09
ZincAnother nice external web media aggregator/viewer than can also play local media. Use MC Menu Mender/Media Center Studio to create an entry point for VMC/7MC. I have a post here that explains how I did it in VMC using MC Menu Mender.YAllView10/1/09

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