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7MC Codec Configuration Bible“Aim: get best quality, including from network, with the lowest CPU, within 7MC, with fast forward & rewind, (auto) resume, and both audio stream switching and subtitle stream switching enabled, mainly for AVI’s (DivX, XviD,…) and MKVs. Important note: this guide is based on a 32-bit installation of Windows 7. Not sure if everything would work as indicated under x64.” I’ve looked at this and I guess it’s a pretty good guide for the most part. I don’t agree with some of it, but if your a novice, you could do worse.Y7MCN/A10/1/09
AntiPackAndy VT’s special package that not only supports the most needed codecs, but also helps in explaining what your are doing with them. Extremely useful if you’re a beginner but want to customize your 7MC filter set. Read the installation guide…there are additional requirements!YAllView10/1/09
AC3FilterFree, high quality audio decoder and processing filter. Takes most audio formats as input and can provide pass-through capabilities, equalizer functionality, transcoding to other formats, upmixing and more! I’ve used this one for years!YAllView10/1/09
CCCPI don’t like codec packs, but if I have to list one, this is it since it provides MKV playback for many novices that otherwise could not get it to work correctly. Issues have been reported with Win7, so YMMV.YAllView10/1/09
CoreAVCExtremely efficient h.264 codec that also includes GPU acceleration with supported video adapters using CUDA technology. Excellent for older systems, but has plenty of options for the most powerful current HTPC. Trial available.NAllView10/1/09
DivXDivX has long been an industry leader in mpeg-4 video playback and now includes MKV capability supporting h.264 video and AAC audio! Playback is free, but if you want to create DivX content you have to pay for the Pro version.YAllView10/1/09
ffdshowAwesome open source media encoder/decoder. There’s almost no media format that it doesn’t support. Highly configurable audio mixing, video post-processing, subtitle support and more! This is what I have used for years (clsid builds). Use in 7MC requires a utility that allows DirectShow filters to be manipulated.YAllView10/1/09
Gabest’s SourceForge FilesIf you’re a little more on the advanced side of the fence and like to tinker, you may want to visit Gabest’s SourceForge repository and play with some of the many filters, splitters, etc. he has developed.YAllN/A10/1/09
Haali Media SplitterA must-have if you rely on MKV (Matroska)/MP4 playback. Elusive x64 beta version is available in my downloads section.YAllView10/1/09
MPCVideoDec.axThis is an included Media Player Classic – Home Cinema filter that can be separately registered to provide full DXVA for supported files. You must also have a supported GPU for h.264 DXVA.YAllN/A10/1/09
Preferred DirectShow Filter TweakerDeveloped by clsid (ffdshow developer), this tool allows you to pick and choose your own DirectShow filters in Win7 – overriding the preferred WPF filters. You must have additional supported codecs already installed (listed on linked page).Y7MCView10/1/09
QuickTime AlternativeIf you need QT support (.mov, .3gp, etc) and don’t want the bloat of the full package, then you should give this a try. Does not include the QT player making it perfect for HTPC use. Includes MPC as an option.YAllView10/1/09
Real AlternativeLike the QT Alternative, this package installs the files necessary for playback for RealMedia formats (.rm, .ram, .rmvb, .rpx, etc.). No player or background processes to eat away your HTPC’s resources. Includes MPC as an option.YAllView10/1/09
Shark007 PackComplete codec solution for Media Center and 100% UAC compliant. Centralized configuration and handles practically any and every media format. Downloads for x86 and x64 available.YVMC,7MCView10/1/09
Vista Media Center Codec BibleA user’s documented experience in codec configuration with Vista Media Center. I don’t quite understand why so much work was required to get everything working correctly to justify everything in that guide, but it seems fairly popular, so use your own judgment.YVMCNA10/1/09
VSFilter/DirectVobSubIf you don’t use ffdshow (which also supports it) and you want to display subtitles, chances are you are going to need this. v2.23 appears to be the most common, but v2.39 is the latest version.YAllView10/1/09
XviDPerhaps the most popular and widely used open source mpeg-4 video codec available. Link is forYAllView10/1/09

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