Painters Finally Done.

By | April 7, 2008

I took Friday off from work to give myself a 3-day weekend since the painters finally finished with the inside of our house.  The garage and back deck still need finishing, but were able to move back in, at least.

I pretty much got all rooms back into the condition they were prior, minus the den.  I’m still waiting for someone to stop by that can help me hang my plasma back on the wall.  Until then, the home theater equipment will have to wait also since the entertainment center is too far from the wall (again, waiting on the plasma to be hung).

We went to RoomsToGoKids yesterday and picked out a bedroom set for our son.  He’s getting a new room and I’ll be setting it up this week for a new Ethernet drop and some rear speaker mounts for the Sony, which isn’t using the surrounds at the moment.

I still haven’t ordered my X10 devices as I’m waiting for payment on my Amazon card to go through.  I did get to upgrade to unRAID 4.3beta 6, however.  I had no issues with the upgrade and it seems to work fine.  There are a few new additions, along with bug fixes.  Looks like I missed several previous beta versions, but I hadn’t been in my own home for a week and a half and very busy.

Otherwise, I’m pretty tired and sore from the past few days, but I only have more work to look forward to.  My grandparents are coming for a visit on the weekend of the 18th, so there’s still plenty left that I want done to the house before they arrive.  The worst being the front yard…the landscaping looks like hell.  I’ll be raking out the old leaves so that I can get some new pine straw down.  Hopefully it’ll dry out enough so that my blower/mulcher can suck some of it up.  We’ll see since I may start on it this evening after work.  There’s also two walls that need touching up since Joseph decided the freshly painted walls needed to be drawn on.  Sigh.

Anyway, I’ll be taking out some pictures soon so that I can document the transformation our house underwent due to the new paint job.  I’m very pleased!

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