Moving sucks.

By | May 11, 2011

Moving sucksAlthough I’m a little excited about starting all the crap I’ll have to do in the new house, moving still sucks.  I haven’t actually even started doing anything yet, but when I visualize a list of all the things that are needed to be done (that I don’t actually enjoy), I suddenly get the urge to do something totally counterproductive.

Anyway, the stuff I ordered arrived yesterday morning.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even get to open the boxes last night.  Some time around 3PM EST yesterday, we experienced a power outage in our primary office location.  We have a big ass generator that is supposed to kick in after a few minutes of downtime, and it did kick in, but it sputter out after only a few seconds – it continued to do this for the next couple of hours also.  That’s bad.  The UPS in our data center can only support full power for all servers and workstations for about 45 minutes under full load, so after 15 minutes or so, we had to start shutting down EVERYTHING.

Long story short, I was late getting home – and I was tired.  Too tired to open my boxes of new toys.   I couldn’t play with them anyway.  You know, because moving sucks.


Death of me

I had some tree cutters come out and give me an estimate on the tree removal I need in order to move my kids’ Skyfort playground set.  It’s a bout a 35-40ft tall maple tree that’s only about 12″ in diameter or so.  Estimates came in at around $275 with stump grinding included.  Too much for me.  I was expecting something around $150 with no grinding.  So, I decided to catch about a half dozen YouTube videos on how to fell a tree exactly where you want it to see if I could do this myself.  I do have a chainsaw, but what I don’t have is gravity manipulation super powers.  That tree is really thin for its height and it leans a lot towards the shed in the back yard.  This tells me a hinge isn’t all that’s going to be needed to get that tree to fall where I want it.  You see, I only have about a 15ft corridor for that thing to fall in or it will take out the shed or my dog’s fence…if my aim is even close, that is.  I could very well take out the sunroom or back deck.  I guess I could try and use a guide line, but that would involve me climbing that tree and I just don’t know about all that.  Still, the tree is the easy part…I don’t know how I’m going to move that play set.  I can only disassemble so much and that still leaves a really big section.

I’ll figure something out.  Did I mention that moving sucks?

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