Comcast, I hate you.

By | August 19, 2012

Some day.  One day.  I don’t know when.  I don’t know who.  I also don’t really care for how much.  But there will be a carrier that offers a plan of more than 6Mbps that becomes available in my area.  When  that happens, it will be a glorious day  I’ll get to cancel and say good bye.  Forever.  Suck it, Comcast.

Maybe U-verse will finally be offered (right now it’s just craptastic speed 1.5Mbps AT&T DSL).  Maybe some high-bandwidth local WiMax will become available, eclipsing the Clear that is here now (only 4G).  Or, Verizon will give everyone the finger and bring us FIOS.  Google fiber…my hero (/bats lashes)?

It won’t take much.  I’ve already thrown their phone and TV back.  Vonage gives me the same service for $12 a month after fees, taxes, and service charges.  I have enough to watch between using Netflix’s $8/mo streaming and my own media collection.  Even if I wanted TV again, I’d go back to Dish.

Anyway, end rant.  I only posted this after wasting an hour and a half of my life chasing a Internet upgrade that I was ultimately told does not exist…although they were the ones that offered it to me.  Thanks Comcast Customer Service.  Idiots.

Comcast Self Install Kit

Pray for a miracle


Persistence pays off.  I wouldn’t let these bastards get the best of me, so, after a fourth day of trying, I scored a good representative.  I got the 30/6Mbps (Looks like 36/6 to me) Blast! Internet and standard digital TV for $49.99 for 6 months.  It goes to $69.99 for months 7-12.  I will try and keep the first 6mo rate while ditching the TV service when that time comes.  For now, I’m happy though and I have something to work with later.  The change also took effect immediately.

Blast! this

3 thoughts on “Comcast, I hate you.

  1. Puwaha

    I’ve experienced something similar with Comcast this week. After years of going without cable TV, I decided to take the plunge and get a cablecard tuner. Of course, the best deals they offer on tv service are online-only. So, I start the process, startup the virtual chat-session with someone, and explicitly state that I don’t want the cable box in a Self-Install-Kit, but I only want a cable card. The chat-rep says no problem, and when I get to a specific part of the ordering process he will add that information in the online order. Great, right? About an hour later (knowing Comcast’s horrible reputation), I call the main Comcast number to have them review my order. I asked the phone-rep to make sure my cablecard was in the SIK, and not a cable box. No problem was the reply, I’ll make sure it happens.

    So… 3 days later what do I end up with on my doorstep? A cable box. Now, I just wasted $10 for a delivery fee. I call up Comcast again, and they tell me a cablecard is only available from my local office. Nice. That couldn’t be anywhere in the call-center scripts to warn me of that?

    But, I had finally gotten my cablecard, threw it into my brand new HDHomerun Prime tuner, and discover that I can’t lock onto a signal. I call Comcast yet again to report this issue, and they will have to roll a truck out… a week later! I’m sorry, I know the techs are busy, but wouldn’t a courtesy call checkup be in their best interest to make sure everything works on their end instead of me having to diagnose their issues? I know it would certainly be in the best interests of their customers… but this is Comcast… they don’t do anything that is in the best interest of their customers.

    Luckily, I do have a great alternative for my internet service. My local electrical utility offers Fiber to the home service at a minimum speed of 30Mb/s up and down for $57.99 (no taxes or fees… just the flat rate!). They also offer TV service, but no cable-cards. If it wasn’t for that one little hurdle, I would have never attempted any service from Comcast ever again.

  2. ComcastMark

    I apologize for the experience. I would like to make sure that your experiences are addressed on our end. If you don’t mind, please contact us, include the phone and address associated with the account and a link to this page at:


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    1. Jon Post author

      Right. You see, I know exactly what’s going to happen when I do that. Your department is going to forward it right back to the same idiots I have to deal with here. No thanks. There’s nothing you can do to help unless you can fire everyone and hire a bunch of meerkats to take your places.

      Search my archives. This is not the first time I’ve posted something like this and had one of you reply to it. I actually did reach out that first time. I won’t waste my time again. I’ll just sit and wait with the rest of the Comcast customer base as we hit each others in the face with hammers, waiting for the day we get another option.

      Does it not set off any alarms at all that a company needs so many layers of customer service just to cover up how bad they are at it? It’s ridiculous.


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