Bye-bye Comcast Digital Voice!

By | November 20, 2008

Forgot to write about it earlier in the week, but on Saturday we all piled up in the car and drove out to MicroCenter.  We have been wanting to ditch the Comcast Digital Voice for a while, but finally decided to do it since they had a nice Vonage promotion going on and T-Mobile wanted a 3-year contract.  We had Vonage in the past and it was OK.  No worse than Comcast’s offering, but it’s also $0 cheaper per month, so we were sold.  If you sign up for a 1-year contract and by a Vonage adapter (we already had one, but they had a $70 rebate on their $79.99 adapter), you get $250 off of any PC or laptop.  Since my wife is starting school soon, she was in need of a new laptop anyway.

We decided to do it and she picked the sub-compact notebook, the Acer Aspire One (150-1570 model).  I also grabbed a 2GB memory module to upgrade it with, but after cracking it open and getting to the mainboard, I decided it was too much trouble.  Some things weren’t coming apart like they were supposed to, so I decided to put it back together and make due with 1GB.  It’s enough for her usage anyway (it’s still on XP, so it’s enough).  I’m going to return the memory to Fry’s and get something else.

I cleaned up the installed junk and added a few things of my own and really enjoyed my time using it.  It’s very small, but not hard to use.  It’s not a speed demon either, but it was plenty fast enough for typical use, which is all that it will be used for (Office, web and email pretty much).  For $100 (we also got the $59 premium warranty), it was well worth it.  I wanted one for myself, but there’s no one for us to get on Vonage.  It’s worth $350, but not for me.

The number is set to transfer next weekend (29th, I believe) and then all we have is Comcast’s Internet package.  We won’t be able to get rid of that, but I’m pretty happy with it.  I’m just not happy with their charges.

I just need to get my rebate in…

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