Time for an upgrade.

By | February 22, 2013

I have been very happy with my current desktop system.  The only problem with it is that the technology is over 5 years old.  In PC years, that’s digging-up-mummified-remains talk.  However, fact is, I haven’t really needed anything more.  I’ve had a Core 2 Quad Q6600 overclocked to an unexciting 3.2GHZ on a vanilla Asus P5Q with 8GB DDR2 and it’s been a reliable gem.  I don’t do much with it anymore, but I felt it’s time for some newer tech to reside in that case.

In an hour or so I’ll venture off to purchase an AMD bundle.  I’d prefer to stick with Intel, but I wouldn’t want to go with less than an i5 and I just don’t have the cash for that.  So, I’m opting for something simple:

I don’t plan on overclocking, so the extra $10 on the unlocked FX-6300 doesn’t appeal to me.  In fact, I don’t really do anything CPU-intensive anymore at all.  A few weeks ago I got a new video card (GT 630 1GB)  and SSD (Intel 330 Series), so this set of core parts will round out a very standard system for me.  I pretty much only play TF2, browse a little, and do my homework on it (I am about to finish my first term in a Master’s program).

I’ll reload Win8 on this and be quite happy with it, I’m sure.  I was going to spend this little bit of cash on a compressor/nail gun combo from Home Depot, but I’m going to do that next month.  Right now, I want a new(er) system.  I’ll re-purpose the C2Q to my 2012 Server system and divvy up the left over memory.  Not quite sure where the board will end up, but I may find a place for it.

Anyway, I look to do most of this tomorrow.  I’ve got a final to take by Thursday of next week and baseball started up, so any free time is really precious right now.


They were out of the FX 6100, so I ended up with a FX 6300 afterall.  It was less than I thought also, so win-win.

2 thoughts on “Time for an upgrade.

  1. Chris

    MY Q6600 is still going strong in my gaming rig, approaching 5 years old that’s pretty impressive that it is keeping up with modern games as well as it is (I have upgraded my video card twice in that time though). I’m also considering a complete upgrade, but I do game quite a bit on mine so the requirements are different (and more costly!).

    My HTPC’s on the other hand, pictures of rock solid reliability and perfection, I’ll probably never have to upgrade those, ever :)

    1. Jon Post author

      I’ve been very happy with the AMD so far. Only TF2 for me, but with just the puny GT 630, the core upgrade has made a huge difference in my quality settings :)


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