Nice salvage from work.

By | November 22, 2012

We had a whole boatload of old systems go to salvage this past week from work.  I passed on all of it except for one thing –  a case.  At some point before we went standardized Dell, my boss purchased a custom AMD system from the now defunct Monarch systems.  At the time, roughly 6-7 years ago, it was a good system.  Of course now, it’s well pas its prime (AMD X2 3800+), but the case was in pristine condition.  A nice aluminum case…

This case was a Lian Li.  A PC-61, to be exact.  It’s a very nice, if not simple, aluminum mid-towe case.  Follow the previous link for full specs on Newegg, if you’re interested.

We thought we were moving again, but recently found we were not, but decided to go ahead and get a big 30-yard dumpster to do some massive cleanup anyway.  In the process, I threw out tons of old PC crap.  Included in this was probably around 6-8 old PC cases of various makes and models.  One that I wanted to get rid of was still in use as my Windows 2008 R2 Server (WINSVR) – an old YY-0221 Yeong Yang cube case, in white.  It’s been a fabulous case, but it’s old…just like I said.  Old and ugly.  The PC-61 is a good replacement for it.  Below are some images of both as, this morning, I swapped them out.  I didn’t take any finished pics as my cable management wasn’t all that great, but it’s still a nice change.

I realize the card reader in the PC-61 doesn’t quite match, but it came from another system.  I had no use for the floppy drive and I didn’t have the panels to fill the hole with…I thought that was better than both.  Anyway, I thought it was a good find.

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