It was a good run, WRT54G.

By | September 30, 2010

WRT54GAfter battling regular wireless outages over the past several months, I finally bought and installed the replacement to my beloved (and legendary) Linksys WRT54G v1.1 running HyperWRT 2.1b1+tofu11.  It had only been used as an internal access point for my LAN so that the few wireless devices I have in the home would have a connection, so it was serving any advanced purposes.  Simple WEP and DHCP passthrough.  However, the sporadic wireless was causing my wife issues and since she’s in school, having Internet when she needs it is pretty critical.  A power recycle always solved it, but it was still a sign of things to come.

I had done some light searching for a replacement and planned on getting something that would be cheap and at least more reliable than the old WRT54G had become.  That’s when I came across the Fry’s Wireless 54G Router (FR-54RTR) for only $19.99.  It’s actually just a re-badged D-Link DIR-600-A1 with a reworked web administrator…I could do worse for 20 bucks.  So, off to Fry’s I went.  Unfortunately, my local Fry’s (Duluth, GA) either does not carry the 54G model, or they were out.  All they had was the 300N model for $29.99.  Still, a decent deal since this one is a re-badged D-Link DIR-615-E1.  I bit and bought it.

Once I got it home, it didn’t take too long to get it setup as an access point.  A couple small things I wasn’t use to seeing, probably due to it being more of a basic router, but disabling DHCP and uPNP is pretty much all that I needed to do to make it a pass-through wireless AP.

Curiosity did strike, however and both the 54G and 300N D-Link routers support DD-WRT advanced firmware.  Since the hardware in these Fry’s routers are identical, they should support it also…technically.  After reading  a few threads over at the DD-WRT forums, it appears there has been success on the 300N model I bought.  It’s not capable of an upgrade directly through the admin web console, but there is an “Emergency Room”  console that will accept it.  This, I will be trying when I get home today.  I may not need advanced functionality, but I will take it if it can be had :)

Check back tomorrow to see what happened!

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