2008 Server R2…I missed you.

By | November 15, 2010

kiss my buttSaturday morning I moved the last of the files I needed to save from my WHS and shut it down for the last time.  I removed a couple of the older PATA drives, since it wasn’t going to be used as a storage server any longer, and got rid of Windows Home Server for good.

I grabbed Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard from MSDNAA via the ACM.org account I got last year (I had renewed it a few months ago) and that’s what I used to replace WHS with.  It will still serve the same primary functions: WINS, WSUS, high-speed file sharing (Media Browser shared playstate and ImagesByName), torrenting the latest TV shows I don’t ever have time to watch and some <meta>browser duties.

Install was uneventful and I could immediately tell the performance difference since I get to use all 4GB of memory installed and was able to install the OS to my SAS5 controller with 10K Serial Attached SCSI drives (I have a 146GB and 400GB installed).  The only non-SCSI drive I retained was a 320GB WD3200KS that will be used for staging my downloaded TV torrents in <meta>browser.

Also, a few days ago I mentioned that I would be bringing home a Dell Optiplex GX620 that had 4-5 blown caps.  Well, I got those caps in, but I also brought home another Optiplex 745.  It has only one bad 6.3V 1800uF capacitor, so I grabbed a 10-pack off of eBay for $9.  I’m strongly considering using it to replace the HTPC in my living room (HTPC1).  I would re-use most of the parts (CPU, memory, HDD), but I really like the compactness of these SFF cases (the CoolerMaster I’m using now is an HTPC case, but it’s standard ATX formfactor).  I’d also have to get a low-profile video card and a USB SPDIF adapter, so I have to consider if spending anything for mostly no gain is worthwhile.

Well, that’s about it.  The wife and daughter will be out of town for most of this coming weekend, so I might be able to work on some of this if my boys will let me.  If they’re not still sick, I’ll probably take them to the park or something, wear them out, then make good use of their downtime after they pass out.

3 thoughts on “2008 Server R2…I missed you.

  1. Donald

    Sounds good, if you have even more time …. maybe a mini writeup on the new setup, once you get it going. Like are you going to be using RAID software/hardware and what about backing up of files. Im wanting to move off of the WHS too but i like the simplicity of the “duplicate” files as backup. Havent played with v2008 of MS server yet so it would be interesting to read about you journey.

    Thanks, love the site

    1. Jon Post author

      Honestly, Vail hasn’t done much to win me over. I’m a huge unRAID fan, so having that as a redundant storage point, WHS sort of loses out overall.


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