Guest Post: Riccardo’s movie reviews

By | April 12, 2011

Film reelHowdy, fans!  Since Jon foolishly gave me guest blogger status, I thought I’d step in and offer some movie reviews.  The good news is that I’m slightly less cynical than Jon, and have a better track-record at staying awake through movies.

On with the reviews!

  • Source Code – I was looking forward to this one, but it turned out to be pretty average.  An interesting sci-fi concept, and reasonably well done, but cheesy Hollywood sentimentality lets it down.  As a whodunit, it’s not much cop – I had it sussed in the first eight-minute cycle – and some of the darker concepts related to the sci-fi are left unexplored.  Jake Gyllenhaal basically takes over someone’s body Quantum Leap style, and no-one notices or even cares… creepy.
  • The King’s Speech – Okay, it’s been tremendously over-hyped, but it’s a great feel-good film.  I could’ve watched Geoffrey Rush doing his thing all night.  Plus, the girlfriend had a good cry, the big softie.  (I’m obviously too manly to cry at movies.  Except for the end of Terminator 2, but I was only thirteen…)
  • Cop Out – I should have been the target audience for this one:  I like Kevin Smith movies (the older ones, at least), enjoy a good Bruce Willis actioner, and laugh at Tracy Morgan’s shtick in 30 Rock.  I made it through ten painful minutes before the disc was out, snapped in half, hastily repaired, and returned to the rental place.

That’s it for now! Since I only made fun of Jon once, perhaps he’ll let me return sometime to share more movie reviews…


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Riccardo’s movie reviews

    1. Riccardo Post author

      My pleasure! I still can’t work out why I enjoy Tracy Morgan’s goofy stuff on 30 Rock, and yet it’s so horribly grating in the film. Maybe it’s the lack of Tina Fey that had me grumpy. :)

  1. Redshirt

    Well you made me laugh. So maybe Jon will bring you back for Riccardo II: Riccardo fights back, and Riccardo III: Riccardo’s revenge :P


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