Free movies for download!

By | April 13, 2011

VODOOK, OK, so you won’t see any of these on Netflix or in a Redbox any time soon, but if you like something a little different every once in a while, you may learn to appreciate some of the independent short films, series, documentaries, etc. that are available at VODO.


VODO launched a little over a year ago to give creators a launch pad for their independent films via P2P technology.  By combinining the viral tendencies of the Internet with a trusted method of distribution (torrenting), independent filmmakers have a decent venue to share with a wide audience while finding some funding for their projects via donation.

Anyway, check some of them out…I think a few will surprise you.

2 thoughts on “Free movies for download!

    1. Jon Post author

      I’ve got those and just grabbed episode 3, but not watched yet. Also downloaded Zenith a couple weeks ago, but have yet to see it.


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