A handful of movie reviews.

By | April 5, 2011

Film reelDespite being covered in geek all weekend, I did manage to squeeze in a few movies.  Afterall, I did have to make sure things were working correctly, right?  Considering the trouble I had with the ASRock board, it did limit how much I got to watch, so when I say I saw a handful, I meant it.  Nevertheless, here they are…

  • Knight and Day – Tom Cruse is a raving lunatic, but his character in this movie was pretty fun.  So-so movie…decent time waster.
  • Assembly (Ji jie hao) – Chinese war film based on true events.  I found it quite awesome.
  • The American –  I started this one late Saturday night and fell asleep.  I resumed it on Sunday and fell asleep again.  I eventually finished it, but total snooze-fest.

That’s it.  Told you there wasn’t much.  Hopefully more next time!

8 thoughts on “A handful of movie reviews.

  1. DamianP

    I have heard the same thing about The American, so now that you have confirmed a well looks like I will be skipping that one!

    1. Jon Post author

      I don’t know…not seen The Town. Reading the synopsis, it doesn’t sound like it though.

      1. Ken

        if you’d seen it you would’ve gotten my humor. i meant in regards to the ‘putting you to sleep’ part. ;) i literally did the same thing and tried to watch it the next day and ended up passing out again.

          1. Branson

            I’ll disagree about The Town. The American was boring, but The Town is worth watching. Ben Affleck did a good job and Jeremy Renner is always badass.

          2. Riccardo

            Yep, I’m with you on this one Branson, I really enjoyed The Town as well. I’d say you can skip the Director’s Cut, Jon – I think it adds another 30-40 minutes, but the theatrical cut seemed good enough to me.

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