A few movie reviews from the past week.

By | March 14, 2011

Movie ReelSomehow I find time to squeeze in a handful of movies lately despite having less and less time.  I actually started a few more than what I’ve reviewed here, but didn’t get very far into them before having to cut them short, so maybe they’ll make the list for next week.


In no particular order:

  • Freakonomics – Loved the book.  The documentary was a lot like the book…oh, except it sucked.
  • Faster – My wife said she could have watched Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) just stand there for 90 minutes and be perfectly fine with that.  After watching Faster, I didn’t think he did much more than that, but I didn’t quite have the same love for the movie.
  • Beneath Hill 60 – Decent Australian film.  A tad bit slow with too much back end drama, but not a bad flick.

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