IBN Project will resume soon.

By | August 19, 2010

I’m only making this post because I’m bored and haven’t really had anything else to write about for a few days.  However, I did resume working on the ImagesByName Project Uploader that will be handling new cast and crew member submissions when the project officially resumes.

If you’ve followed the progress of the application at all, then I will tell what has been improved this week:

  • Added Bing Images as a new search option
  • Provided an “EZ Add” option for current images that are within Project specifications (some images are already good)
  • Fixed a small sorting issue when refreshing the cast/crew list
  • Fixed a few other ‘little things’ to just make it a little better and/or easier to use

There’s a lot that I would still like to include, but I have to concede to the fact that I’m a beginner and I have a lot to learn, so if I wait, it will never get released.  I will probably put in an automatic update/update check and then prepare documentation for a release very soon.  New images will be trickling in all the time!

Be sure to check here or at the Google Project page for news.

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