Where did I leave off?

By | May 30, 2013

So, I made a couple of promising posts, and then didn’t follow-up on them.  Sorry about that.  I’ll briefly let you in on what’s been going on lately, but I honestly haven’t had much time to put towards anything that I was so excited about just a couple of weeks ago.

First of all, the Android media device I ordered – lost in the mail.  I already received a refund for it and purchased another off of ebay – this one, to be exact.  It is basically the same thing, just with the newer Allwinner A20 processor.  It also came out a few bucks cheaper.  I have very high hopes for these devices, so I hope it doesn’t disappoint when put to the MB3 test.

Secondly, the Roku 3 came.  I’ve wanted one for so long and the MB3 client gave me reason to finally purchase one.  I did replace the playroom HTPC (Zacate system) with it and, so far, it’s been pretty nice.  Unfortunately, I don’t care much for the MB3 Roku client in terms of browsing.  It just isn’t really made for browsing a large collection, but it works excellently and it is still early beta, so there is plenty of time for improvement.  Aside from MB3, it’s a very nice addition for the kids with the various Disney, PBS, Netflix, etc. channels.  I just need to get the Harmony 300 working with it now…

Finally, a little bit of new news.  Lime Technology, the company offering unRAID, has hired a new Director of Marketing and Business Management.  What this means, hopefully for us, is a little bit more information provided on unRAID’s status in between releases.  For those of you who are unRAID users and go to the forum even once a month, you know that Tom (limetech) isn’t very forthcoming with that kind of info and there’s always a thread going with a lot of drama in it because of this.  Anyway, we’ll see.  I don’t really get involved with any of that.  unRAID works perfect for me, for the most part, and I don’t really find myself sitting on the edge of my seat for 5.0 Final.  RC12a is working very well.  For those of you who are impatient, RC13 is supposed to be out this week with the Final release coming next week (week of June 3rd).

Well, that’s about it.  MB3 trials are going very well.  I continue to be impressed by what the dev team is doing with it.  I have completely converted my home to use MB3.  It has its occasional niggle, but I have found it to work well enough to use the beta full-time.

One thought on “Where did I leave off?

  1. Nada

    Why not just user Jriver and forget all the Roku and other issues? Great interface and also integrated with phone’s/tablets?


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