Weekend geek observations.

By | June 10, 2013

I didn’t get a whole lot of time to do things this weekend as I had to work, but then we had a nice family fun day at Stone Mountain Park.  However, I always manage to squeeze a minute or two in here and there.  Here’s what I found in my few minutes this pas weekend.

The Android device that I did not want came in Friday.  I only played around with it for a few minutes, but I wasn’t really impressed with it.  It did seem faster than I expected (it’s only a single core A9 at 800MHz), but using the included remote to manage it was a major pain in the ass.  It really does need a keyboard/mouse attached to at least get the initial setup going.  Unfortunately, I did not get to load the Media Browser 3 Android client or anything.  I barely did anything beyond looking at the interface and getting a WiFi connection established.  I’ll play around with it a little more later.

The PowerEdge 2950 II that I have running as my dedicated Media Browser 3 server is going so-so.  It runs, but I have found that the second controller (SAS1) on the integrated Perc 5i card is probably bad.  I’ve tried several combinations of disks on that controller and the arrays always end up having read/write issues after a reboot.  So, for now, I’m just running the OS and MB3 cache/data directories on the mirrored OS drives.  I have to get a 2GB memory module off of ebay to move it up to 16GB total, so I’ll probably grab another PERC 5i from there also.  I found one for only $15 with free shipping.  Hopefully that will fix it and it’s not the backplane giving problems.

Other than that, not much else going on.  MB3 is working terrifically.  The Android 4.2 TV box I ordered still shows stuck in China.  I still haven’t messed with my Roku 3 anymore, but I think I’ll assign an activity for it on the Harmony and put it in the living room.  I don’t really have anywhere else ready to accept another HDMI connection anyway.

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