SiliconDust update for HDHomeRun users.

By | March 24, 2011

HDHomeRunWith the focus being on the new CableCard tuner from SiliconDust, most of use HDHomeRun users have probably been feeling a bit slighted for the past few months.  The last official release from SiliconDust came late last summer (August 28th, to be exact)…until yesterday.  After deciding to do a long overdue channel scan on my living room installation, I was met with an update notification.

The update does require .Net 4.0, so if your Windows installation doesn’t have it, it will download and install it for you.  For us Windows users, the software includes the following modifications:

  • Support 1GHz cable TV (HDHR3 US/EU models).
  • Run extensive channel scan for DVB-C cable (EU models).
  • Improvements to HDHomeRun Config (GUI).
  • Upgrade .NET framework.
  • Update to firmware 20110323.

The firmware changelog is a little more extensive:

  • HDHR3-US: Fix problem where channel scan may miss channels.
  • US models: Skip QAM256/64 modulation detection when tuning OTA.
  • US models: Skip 8VSB modulation detection when tuning cable TV.
  • EU/DT models: Update DVB-T channel maps.
  • EU models: Redefine AU/EU cable TV channel map based on MHz.
  • TECH models: Support multicast without a gateway route.
  • All models: Report error if frequency is out of range.
  • All models: Report tuner count in discovery reply.
  • All models: Report detected carrier frequency in debug information.
  • All models: Improvements to lineup server support.

I performed my update over VPN, so I don’t have anything to report on what I noticed with this update, but if there’s anything exciting, I’ll be sure to append it later.

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