R.I.P. TheGreenButton.com

By | April 11, 2011

TheGreenButtonI don’t like to appear too pessimistic about certain things, but in this case, I just don’t think it’s going to work.  Windows Media Center isn’t a tiny niche by any means, but there is also no single, centralized mega-community for it either.  At best, it’s a bunch of wanderers that just collect at different sites/forums/blogs that they fit in with.  TheGreenButton has been one of those for years, then Microsoft bought it and and put its head on the chopping block with this announcement.

I don’t know what part of moving to a Windows Community platform would be considered an upgrade, but whatever.  I like old school forums.  These new forums just completely kill the social aspect of what a forum is/was and they just become little more than a voting competition.  Sure, your questions may get answered, but there is just no dialogue…no connecting with peers.  I just find them quite soulless.

Windows Community Forum


I suppose if this is all you know or are most familiar with, it will appear a good move; maybe even an about time moment.  In that case, I’m happy for you.  However, for me, “this sucks” is about all that comes to mind.  I don’t visit TheGreenButton as often as I used to, but I do still give it a few hits per week.  I suppose once it moves to the new Windows Community Forum platform it will eventually become a good resource for information, but I’m afraid that same platform will have killed whatever personality TGB has hung onto since the acquisition.  Even the popular domain name is slated to become nothing more than a redirect; probably to another answers.microsoft.com subsite.  Pity.

Honestly, I hope it does well, and in some regards, I’m sure it will.  I’m afraid I won’t be playing much of a part in it though.

11 thoughts on “R.I.P. TheGreenButton.com

    1. Jon Post author

      It is…look at the bottom. It’s already got its featured spot. I’m sure that’s been there a while, but all their sites use the same layout.

      1. Adam

        It’s going to be bad, but even those forums don’t follow a consistent user interface (surprise!). Maybe TGB will bring yet another and improved format to the mix. No, I don’t believe that either.

  1. NizZ8

    Sucks that TGB is getting rolled into a sub-site of Answers/Social.

  2. Icouldfixit

    The way ms handled media center was horrible. They just don’t get it, they could have had all kinds of revenue from within media center. I guess my next htpc will be an apple htpc.

  3. Adam

    Im not ENTIRELY convinced it’ll be a bad thing, but then I havent yet used the MS Windows Community platform as yet…
    I have to say, when searching for an issue to overcome, after spending a few minutes googling and eventually finding a thread which seems about right, I absolutely HATE then having to read through pages upon pages of responses, only to find – no one has resolved the problem, or the thread hasnt been updated for a year with no mention of a fix or a bug report/confirmation of an issue…

    At least this way, I should be able to find the answer Im looking for pretty quickly…

    However, I agree that the “community” feel, will definitely go away when getting rid of forums… I do feel that a community type interface such as Media Browsers, is a great in between-er…
    Also, I HAVE had issues in the past, that I’ve been able to resolve due to the help of folks over at TGB… So I’ll definitely be sad to see it go, I just hope MS would be willing to switch again if it stops working…

    Dont reckon they will though… :(

  4. Redshirt

    If I was truly a pessimist, I’d say Microsoft is doing everything they can to actually KILL the media center platform… Either intentionally or otherwise.

    As far as I know, they don’t have a team actively working on the platform… There are a few members, but all the real stars are on other projects now. Now the greenbutton is getting neutered. They still don’t have support for VS2010 in their API, and Charlie Owen has openly stated (last May) that he isn’t with the team and the existing members have no plans to work on a new API

  5. Erik

    What a sad, sad day. I just tried to search for something on the green button, and it’s just gone. Links from google don’t work. I guess Microsoft really, really, really doesn’t want people tweaking media center. I guess I don’t blame them. Such a drag, though.

    Sigh. I guess if you want to tweak anything, it’s Linux or nothing. Awesome.

  6. Carlos

    I was very active on The Green Button, I used to post on there as I updated my free ‘Remote Record’ app (remote potato) and valued the feedback and comments of the community.

    I visited the new ‘Windows Expert’ forums today – it told me I could ‘migrate my account’ from The Green Button across to them, but all I got was a screen saying “Validation Error” whenever I tried to do so.

    Not only this, but any and all threads that I’d ever posted (in some cases, they had 300-400 replies) about Remote Potato seem to have been deleted from the new site.

    Thanks, guys.

  7. Warren

    Would I ask a car dealership for advice on balancing my cheque book? No. Thanks MicroMonopoly!


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