New toy, as I wait for my others.

By | June 6, 2013

The Android media player I bought still has not arrived from China.  The one that I’m planning on returning should be here today or tomorrow, but the other looks like some time next week.  Sucks.  Anyway, until it gets here, I get to take something else home today to play with.  My job has its perks from time to time.

2950It has had some issues when under heavy strain, but I have narrowed it down to the disk controller, which I will replace, but this Dell 2950 II will be coming home with me today and will eventually become my dedicated Media Browser 3 server.  It has dual Xeon 5150 (dual core 2.66GHz 4M), but I’m planning on bumping them up to a couple of cheap quad cores…they can be had for around $10 a piece if you look hard enough.  I’ve got 8GB PC-5300F for it now, but will add another 8GB later.  I do have a few SAS drives that I can use for the MB3 cache/data directories, but I’ll probably throw in a few 160GB SATA I have for the OS in a RAID configuration.  I’d really like to find a way to stick the Intel SSD I have in this thing, but I don’t think I’m going to have available power for it.

2950-gutsAnyway, it’s probably overkill, but my current server is actually doing more than it can handle when it’s required to transcode.  It can do it, but CPU usage is pretty well maxed out.  Plus, if it works (it was pulled due to some issues I can’t remember), it’s a really good deal for free.

In other news, unRAID 5.0RC13 was released a few days ago.  I threw it on yesteday (I think?) and it seems to work just fine – no issues on my end.  It was supposed to increase transfer speeds if you were  a sufferer of that (SuperMicro board owners, I believe)…I can’t say I’ve seen a change, but it probably didn’t affect me to begin with.  If no critical bugs are found in this release, it will become the final very soon.


I mirrored a couple of 160GB SATA drives  for the OS, striped two 146GB 15K SAS drives for my MB3 cache/data directories, and tossed 2008 R2 Server on top of it.  I was also VERY pleasantly surprised to find the original configuration listed by Dell was incorrect – this server had dual Xeon X5355 CPUs!  No need to upgrade these as they’re 2.66GHz quads with 8MB cache on 1333MHz bus.  Anyway, my MB3 server settings have been copied over from the working one and it’s syncing all metadata and images now.  So far, so good!


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