MediaBrowser3 Classic in tester’s hands.

By | May 2, 2013

I’ve had an earlier look at it, but the official beta testing for the MediaBrowser 3 Classic client started today.  Based upon the current MediaBrowser plugin for Windows Media Center, the Classic client will provide a very familiar experience, while incorporating the power of the new MediaBrowser Server.  There’s not much visually different from the current MediaBrowser plugin, but continue on for a few teaser images anyway.


The Configurator is still present



Not much in plugins yet, but it’s early.


mb3 menu

The familiar icon on the Media Center Start Menu



New to MB3 – Profiles!



Profiles have working security.


Default theme

Traditional Default theme.


Without having to get into it, pretty much else works the same as it always did, only this time things like watched status and CoverArt treatments are maintained or processed on the MB3 server.  So for those of us who are still dependent upon Media Center for features like Live TV or the nice Netflix plugin, MediaBrowser won’t have to be pried from your cold, dead fingers!  Great job Dev team!




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