Upgrade On Old Server Board.

By | March 8, 2008

The media server that I’m phasing out of primary file serving duties was based on the craptacular VIA PT890 chipset. Single-channel memory and no features worth mentioning. I had a spare Asus P5L-MX sitting around that was replaced by a P5B-MX for my bedroom HTPC client (I blew some CPU pins doing a BSEL mod to the E2140). I thought the board was a bit iffy, but after replacement, I found that the same standby issues were still there. I’m assuming Vista just doesn’t like these boards (I later found that there are S3 issues with the P5L). So, even though the board has some blown out pins, they must be null and not important.

The P5L is based on Intel’s ICH7, so it has dual-channel memory suuport. It also has onboard video and GbE LAN. I disabled the LAN in favor of the Intel PRO1000 I have, but I’ll have the option of dual-homing later, if I find a need to. I’m not sure the Attansic LAN is compatible anyway…I tried it once before and could only get 10Mbps out of it (could have been an incorrect driver).

I also added a 36GB Raptor for the OS. The OS was previously installed on a 20GB partition of the 320GB drive that’s in it. That should also add to the responsiveness of the system. I’m hoping for a little better performance on the MyMovies end since this is the server for it. Sharing the covers is fine since I modified the registry to allow the covers and actor photos to be loaded on a 256MB RAMDrive. MSSEE must be installed on C:\, however, so the Raptor should help on the database side. Being able to run SQL in memory space over supported dual-channel should really improve things too.

I’ll find out later how everything turned out. SP2 is installing now and all that will be left is to load up MyMovies and make the adjustments for it. I really wish PR4 was out…that would make this upgrade almost perfect.

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