Media Control is not MIA…just FYI.

By | September 13, 2012

I never used Media Control, although I did experiment with it a time or two.  Since I have never implemented multiple audio or subtitle streams and the skip forward/backward functions have worked well enough for me, I just never needed it.  However, I realize many do love being able to use the FF/REW functions within Media Center as it has never really offered it beyond DVD and recorded TV (I believe) material.  Some time ago, I had noticed the Media Control project, run by DamienBT, went stale.  However, all is not lost…the project has actually been picked up and moved to SourceForge.

I do plan on doing some sort of write-up on it at some point as I’ve always been curious about Media Control…even if I never have a real use for it.  I do use ffdshow on all my systems, so there might be something I can find an excuse for to keep it around.  Anyway, for now, the new Media Control project page is here.  Updated install files can be found here.

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