Media Browser Atlas SP1 set for tomorrow release.

By | August 1, 2012

At no fault of the developer(s), Media Browser doesn’t have the most reliable history of making release dates.  However, I have been watching the testing forum daily and it appears the latest beta 6 release for the testers may be the magic bean for tomorrow’s slated release of Atlas Service Pack 1.

There is no real changelog yet for SP1, but you can see a complete changelog for all of Atlas here.  Below is a list of action items created for each beta release:

  • No longer persist the media count on folders as they weren’t updating properly in many situations
  • Fix incorrectly blocking folders when “Block Unrated” was selected and the folder was explicitly set to a rating of “Any”.
  • Implement new tag to cause internet providers to ignore specific file paths (useful for home movies or music videos etc)
  • Update Fanart provider to obey DontFetchMeta tag
  • Update MBPlus with new collection as a tile group feature (beta)

Beta 5

  • Get rating for box set from first child if not specified in movie.xml
  • Fix first episode image loading
  • Fix episodes not refreshing when add a whole season (very old bug)
  • Fix slow configurator load

Beta 4

  • Add MG6 to Dutch ratings
  • Add AirDay and AirTime to Series
  • Add new 5 day weather forecast (Thx ST)
  • Add DiscImage support to items
  • Add profiling messages to configurator startup

Beta 3a

  • Fix parental control issue with TV series
  • Add TmdbId to movie object
  • Improve embedded mediainfo and ratings icon sourcing. Should find the default ones when they don’t exist in the current theme.
  • Make Boxsets read movie.xml if it exists (this will nullify tmdb fetching for these)
  • Fix out of order playback of multi-part movies
  • Make Ctl-R in interface force a re-download of the internal providers

Beta 2

  • Fix losing meta when tmdb sends us bad/incomplete results
  • Fix crash with “Hide Empty Folders”
  • Translate new PC values (you’d have to back up to 2.6 first to see this)
  • Get MPAA rating from first child of boxset until tmdb can provide it to us
  • Add option to not overwrite posters even if you are saving local data with internal fetchers
  • Fix the search pane for the new ratings functionality
  • Fix transcoding DVDs for xbox
  • Fix MPC playing wrong media with DVDs
  • Fix for MBTrailers crashing in some instances
  • Adjust rating values to match better between GB/US
  • Move ‘Metadata’ tab so it is in consistent spot in configurator


As you can see, a lot of time and effort has been put into this service pack.  I have only tried it briefly when taking a look at ebr’s new MBPlus plugin, based upon his popular MBTV plugin.  I’m not sold on it yet, but in all honestly, I don’t think I’ve given it a good enough run to be convinced.  It’s still nothing short of awesome in what it can add to your Media Center setup.


Looks like the release date has been changed afterall…new date set for August 4th.  Bummer, but worthwhile I imagine.

Update 2:

Looks like it will be at least a couple more weeks before we see an official release of Atlas SP1.  A late hang-up with the latest public release candidate has run into some scheduled vacation time for lead developer ebr, so, instead of releasing it “as-is”, the team felt it better to wait until he returns and hash out the remaining issues afterwards.  You can download the Public Pre-Release and necessary plugin updates here.

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