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Media Browser 2.6.2 released.

I’m pretty late with this, but I left for the holidays before it was officially posted and I’ve had the flu, but the Media Browser development team has put out a micro-release version 2.6.2.  This version brings official compatibility to Windows 8 (you must have the premium Media Center add-on, of course) and fixes a rare Windows 7 bug with the internal metadata fetcher.  Go get it here.


  1. chooch says:

    After upgrading all my movie info is missing. I haven’t upgraded in a while and think at one point you mentioned they will no longer support mymovies xml’s. Is that the case?

    • Jon says:

      Well, Apollo (v2.5.2) introduced the new movie.xml file that Media Browser now uses. Mymovies.xml file were also still supported during this time also. I do believe with the introduction of Atlas (v2.6.0), mymovies.xml metadata file support was completely dropped. That would explain your issue. You can use one of the various methods of renaming your mymovies.xml files to movie.xml and it will work once again though.

      • chooch says:

        Thanks for the response Jon. Unfortunately once they are renamed to movie.xml files they no longer show up in my version of metabrowser. Now I remember why I haven’t upgraded Media Browser in a while. So I guess my options:

        1) Keep them as mymovie.xml files and revert back to Media Browser 2.5.2
        2) Upgrade to metabrowser 2.0 and change them to movie.xml files

        Are there any other good metadata management tools that supports movie.xml files?

        • Jon says:

          Well, for me, there’s metabrowser…and everything else. I’m sure there are a few others that are free supporting movie.xml, but I have not really looked at any. I saw this one in the Media Browser tools section recently. It’s not released yet, but there may be something else in that section that could be dug up.

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