MB3 is coming soon.

By | February 4, 2013

I just received some notes and images on the up-and-coming Media Browser 3 (I like MB3 though).  I don’t know much about how it works or anything as I was not included on the alpha team, but I’ll share what I’m given and try to find out as much as possible in the meanwhile.  Until then, enjoy these teasers…

Here are some noteworthy points before I induce the drool:

  • MB3 will be a true client-server application and will be compatible with multiple platforms
    • Server will run on Windows 7/8 or Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Six (6) client applications are currently under development
    • VLC-powered Media Browser Theater, which is the standalone replacement for MB2.
    • The Dashboard, which is a web-based client and can run in any HTLM5-enabled browser.  This drives the server configuration interface and allows for library browsing.  This also provides the basis for supporting Android, Windows RT, and Windows Phone 7/8
  • Some plugins will be converted for transfer to MB3, but many new features will be included
    • User profiles
    • Special feature support
    • In-movie menus
    • Chapter selection
    • Much, much more
  • A new public web-based API will be made available  for encouraging enthusiastic and active developers to join and contribute to the project.  iOS, Roku, and DLNA-compatible devices are in high demand – join the team!

Now, get your bibs on…

Loading Images
Android library view
Android title view
Android bios
HTML5 browsing
User profiles
MBTheater home interface
MBTheater poster view
MBTheater title page
Special features
Chapter selection
Recently added & trailers
TV series view
Phone interface
Phone cast & crew


So, what do you think?  More here.

5 thoughts on “MB3 is coming soon.

  1. talkto_menow

    I really hope that MB3 is using mysql instead sqlite, or at least give a choice of setting up mysql tables like XBMC does

    1. Jon Post author

      I imagine it is using MSSQL Express considering the server’s dependency on Windows 7/8/2008/2012. Just a guess though.

  2. Sinjen

    The windows dependence has more to do with it being a .Net app, I think. SQLite is still be utilized.

    1. talkto_menow

      I hope not, SQLite has serious issue, databases gets locked when it’s accessed by more then one user/thread. And it’s not reading table, but writing to it causes problems. I had setup MB on 2 computers sharing playstate folder/files and both MB kept crashing when they were used at the same time. Developers of MB should be aware of limitations of SQLite

      1. Jon Post author

        The server will be handling multiple client requests, so they won’t be accessing the database themselves.


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