VipID movie intro service with some new themes.

By | October 2, 2012

I completely forgot about this site, but it’s apparently still going strong and has really added quite a few new intro themes since I last checked them out.  I’m apparently on their mailing list as I got notice that six new themes were added…I decided to check them out and saw they currently have 40 available themes.


New Themes

The only reason I decided to share this was for Media Browser’s potential benefit.  As you may know, there is an Intros plugin for only $6 that could make very good use of these custom introduction videos.  Plus, you’ll be helping out a very deserving community.  VipID usually has at least one low-res trial video you can create, but that appears to be unavailable at the moment.  Then again, I was already signed in and used up my free video a long time ago, so it might work for you if you’ve never tried the service out.  If it does work, come back and let us know in a comment.

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