7 thoughts on “Introducing metabrowser!

  1. Joshua

    Hey Jon,

    This looks great, any idea when its coming out? Also, this blog design makes it a bit tedious to use comments. I suggest moving the comments button to the bottom of the post as well. Its just what users expect. Still looking good though.

    1. Jon Post author

      From what I have heard, there will be a beta release tomorrow (Monday), so I would keep an eye out here or in the thread at the Media Browser forums. I’ll look into the comment button. To be honest, I have no idea what it looks like to make a comment! But if it’s in an awkward position, I’ll take your word for it since you guys are the ones that would know!

    2. Jon Post author

      I added an additional comments button for the bottom, so there is one in both locations. You were right, it didn’t make much sense to have to scroll up in order to post after reading. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. roma0803

    Nice. But it will not replace SMO for me. The good thing about SMO is it doesn’t need a program folder in ProgramData. With SMO I can update and add metadata to my movies over the network. I don’t need to do this from my HTPC, which only functions as a HTPC. I can work from my laptop, select the movies folder from my network and update the movie info.

    Both MediaScout and SMO have this advantage over MetaBrowser, to me (and I know to a lot of others) this is a very big advantage.

    1. Jon Post author

      You must not know how to use MetaBrowser. I don’t know what negative impact having a ProgramData folder would have other than it holds config files and cached results (MediaScout does this also, it just doesn’t have an install location). I also have never updated any movies using my HTPCs. I use MetaBrowser on my regular PCs and laptops just as I do SMO and MediaScout.

      Considering SMO does not include MPAA ratings, actor editing, or backdrop selections, I don’t really know what advantage you’re speaking of. I still use them all though.

  3. Richard

    What if your titles have a year and movie type?

    For example: Aladdin 1992 DVD

    I’ve configured MB options to state I use this format, but it will not parse the title and find my movie. I have to manually remove 1992 DVD for it to work.

    Any advice please? We’re talking over 100 titles here.



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