Happy Father’s Day!

By | June 17, 2013

Yes, I’m a day late, but I was enjoying my own Father’s Day and wasn’t here.  I spent mine with my two oldest boys at the Stone Mountain Park SkyHike.  I’m pretty damn sore, but I am proud to say that both of my boys (oldest turning 8 in two weeks and next oldest just turned 5) completed all 3 levels.  My other two stayed home with their mom…they’re not quite big enough for something like that yet (daughter just turned 3 and my youngest boy just turned 1).  Outside of that, I did get a pleasant surprise Friday and Saturday…

When I got home from work Friday I found the 2GB ECC memory module in my mailbox so that I could make the move to 16GB total in my “new” Dell 2950 II.  It was a good system pull found on eBay and it’s running along just fine.  Shipping indicated I shouldn’t be receiving that until Monday, so it was real early.  Then, on Saturday, I saw a box on my doorstep – my replacement Perc 5/i had arrived!  I didn’t expect this until Tuesday, so it came very early also.  I wasn’t able to run any drives past the 3rd bay, so I was hoping it was the Perc that was bad and not the cable or backplane…I found the card for just $15 on eBay.

So, I replaced the card (which came complete with memory and bracket) and did a reconstruct on the single 146GB 15K SAS drive to include an additional drive so, I’m running a true RAID-0 now.  As of this morning, no disk or I/O errors, so I can only assume the replacement card fixed my issue and the 2950 II is complete.  All that’s left for me to do now is to get some replacement batteries for the Belkin 1100VA and APC 350VA UPSes so that I can protect the two Windows Servers a bit.  My unRAID is on its own, but that’s pretty much all I have on backup at the moment.  Some storms this past week have me a little nervous, so I can get batteries for both >$50 and gain peace of mind.

I have also received my Android 4.2 TV Box.  I only got to play around with it for about 15 minutes, but it shows a lot of promise over the other one I bought.  It had a layout that I would expect out of a media device and seems to be designed for remote use.  If not for some ongoing bugs with the MB3 Android client, I probably would have given it more of a look, but its time will come.  In the meantime, here are some crappy photos I took while it was up and running for you to enjoy.

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