Fix for x64 version of MacroTube for Media Center.

By | May 11, 2011

Since replacing both my living room and bedroom HTPCs, I’ve barely had a chance to really enjoy them.  One Media Center plugin that I did use somewhat regularly was MacroTube.  MacroTube includes a few online channels that you can stream content from, like DailyMotion, Youtube and MSN Soapbox.  However, since replacing those HTPCs, I also went to 64-bit Windows 7 installs and found that YouTube was broken.  In this post, I present to you the fix for it.

Please refer to this post for updated news regarding the MacroTube plugin!

If you have tried playing back a YouTube video on Windows 7 x64 within Media Center using MacroTube version, then you probably got an instant error saying the video was no longer available or blahblahblah some technical reason.

!@#$'s broke

!@#$’s broke

Now, let’s fix this little problem.  If you don’t already have MacroTube for x64 systems, you can get it from me here.  In the zip I’ve also included the files you will need in order to fix it.  If you already have broken MacroTube installed, download the same package anyway…I’m too lazy to upload another.

So, anyway, extract the contents somewhere that you can actually find afterwards and install MacroTube.  After installation, browse to C:\ProgramData\Jasmio\MacroTube\Providers.  This is a hidden directory, so you may have to unhide them, or just path directly to that location and it will work.

In that directory you will find a few images and XML files.  What we want to do is copy all the images and XML files included in the package you downloaded into that directory, overwriting any pre-existing files.  You may be prompted for administrator privileges and whatnot depending on your UAC settings, so be forewarned.  Also included in the package are channel files for SlateV and YouTubeHD, so you get a little bonus.

After the files have been copied, go ahead and launch Media Center and MacroTube and then go into YouTube to test a video.  It should play back normally (unless something else is wrong).

Fix it

Fix it

That’s it!  Hopefully whatever broke it won’t do it again since I didn’t bother looking through the XML file for the changes made to get this to work again.  The original thread from TheGreenButton no longer exists due to its vaporization into the Windows Experts Community Netherboard.  Apparently, all large threads that existed on the forum failed to transfer due to its Microsoftness or something.  I don’t know.  Hopefully another useful thread will materialize to pick up the slack – somewhere else.

4 thoughts on “Fix for x64 version of MacroTube for Media Center.

    1. Jon Post author

      Post is over a year old…it’s been broken for quite some time. I don’t expect it to be resurrected again :\

    1. Oink

      Thanks for the link – Win7 64b macrotube is now up & running!


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