file2folder gets a GUI.

By | May 11, 2010

I am not a programmer, so be gentle with me (which means, don’t laugh).  I have been playing around with Visual Basic 2010 Express a little and decided to try my hand at making the file2folder script a real application.  I thought it would be a very good project to learn with since it has quite a few possibilities…all of which I hope I can implement over time.

As of now, it’s very simple and very small.  It doesn’t do much more than the original script, but I think you’ll appreciate the differences.  Here is what it has so far:

  • A GUI, of course.
  • Directory browsing so you don’t have to put a copy in every folder you want to process.  Browse or enter your location and run.
  • UNC pathnames are now supported!  Yes, for those of you who had the script screw up a system due to running it against a network share, no more worries.
  • A progress bar to show you, well, its progress :)
  • Standalone application, so no installation is necessary.  Put it anywhere that’s convenient.

Since I am very much a beginner, bugs will probably exist.  I used it as much as I could and didn’t find anything that actually crashed it, but I’m sure there is a nuance or two that can be fixed or improved.

What I plan to add over the next days/weeks/months (depending on whether or not I don’t stress out over this stuff):

  • Recurse option for processing subdirectories.
  • Undo option in case you want to roll back the changes.
  • Optional text output of files processed.
  • Associated/specific file handling.
  • Multi-part movie file handling.
  • Your suggestions.

Well, that’s about it.  Like I said, you will probably find a bug or two that I did not, but typical use should treat you well.  Enjoy!

v1.0 download is available in the downloads section…or, download directly from here.


If you were one of the first few that downloaded this and it would not run for you, please download again.  The initial package was compiled under .Net 4.0.  The current download is compiled under .Net 3.5.

10 thoughts on “file2folder gets a GUI.

  1. Andy

    Hi, works a treat for me, thanks

    A couple of things to add to the to-do list ;)

    a button or even a auto close after 30 sec or something
    a button to open the folder you have just processed

    But its great thanks

    1. Jon Post author

      I’ve implemented both in an option menu (simple check to enable). I will probably wait to get a couple of other things in before releasing though.

  2. Birkoff

    Thanks! I just ran it on my Music Videos folder that had the hidden file2folder.bat in it and it moved that file to a folder as well. It’s logical it does this, but just wanted to mention it. Perhaps an option to exclude hidden and system files to prevent stuff like desktop.ini files to get moved aswell. that could cause nasty issues…

    1. Jon Post author

      Yeh, I’ll have to make it recognize file attributes and exclude hidden files. I’ll probably do that next version…Undo will make it in also.

  3. Hernando

    Love it!!! Thanks.

    One more feature suggestion. Have the program remember a list of previously processed folders. This way, you do not have to manually find the same folder over and over… Which is basically what I do when adding new movies to my library.

    Thanks again.

    1. Jon Post author

      That’s a pretty good one and will even benefit me, but I’ll have to see how I can manage that since it’s a “pocket app”. What I may do is just enable the autocomplete feature for file system. It’s not as specific as you want, but may be a good medium over a wide range of preferences.

  4. Birkoff

    just place a simple ini/xml file in the %APPDATA% folder an retrieve it with the previous dirs. should work on any system with the pocket app.


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