Farewell, Media Center Internet TV.

By | September 7, 2012

Although I rarely used it, I did browse it and watch something until dinner was ready on occasion.  Unfortunately, as of September 20th, the native Internet TV plugin for Windows Media Center will be discontinued.  A notice will appear if you maintain an updated Windows 7 Media Center system.  Oh well…killing it softly.

Internet TV discontinued

C’est la vie Internet TV

3 thoughts on “Farewell, Media Center Internet TV.

  1. Wayne

    Agreed! I use Windows media center everyday for all my viewing.

    How long till they can the entire thing then?

  2. Andy

    All my tv viewing is thru WMC on an HTPC. Though I rarely use the internet tv feature, I fear Microsoft has plans to phase out WMC. Why else would you lessen the experience without providing some sort of explanation?
    Looking ahead optimistically, can anyone recommend a good plugin to replace the internet tv feature?
    Fearing the worst, any suggestions for a WMC alternative?


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