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Farewell, Media Center Internet TV.

Although I rarely used it, I did browse it and watch something until dinner was ready on occasion.  Unfortunately, as of September 20th, the native Internet TV plugin for Windows Media Center will be discontinued.  A notice will appear if you maintain an updated Windows 7 Media Center system.  Oh well…killing it softly.

Internet TV discontinued C’est la vie Internet TV


  1. Jon says:

    Very frustrating that Microsoft has given up on it’s arguably best product…

  2. Wayne says:

    Agreed! I use Windows media center everyday for all my viewing.

    How long till they can the entire thing then?

  3. Andy says:

    All my tv viewing is thru WMC on an HTPC. Though I rarely use the internet tv feature, I fear Microsoft has plans to phase out WMC. Why else would you lessen the experience without providing some sort of explanation?
    Looking ahead optimistically, can anyone recommend a good plugin to replace the internet tv feature?
    Fearing the worst, any suggestions for a WMC alternative?

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