Do you hear that?

By | January 28, 2009

It’s the sound of a spinning 2TB Western Digital Caviar.  WD announced their new offering in a press conference yesterday.

The drive has a 32MB cache buffer and operates on 4x500GB platters.  Formatted NTFS on a Windows box you’ll see 1.81TB of new space.  Current suggested MSRP is slated for $299.  A review can be found here (I have no association with this site and am only providing the link for your own enjoyment…I can’t vouch for their findings).

Well, I can’t really afford much more than another 1TB drive right now, but those can be found for around $89 locally for me, so I don’t see much point in spending $300 on something twice that size.  Especially when I’ll need two of them to benefit me with unRAID.  I’ll wait a bit and we’ll probably see it at half that price in 3 months.

One thought on “Do you hear that?

  1. MHealy

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of 2tb drives to store my movie collection on. I’ll finally be able to rip all my tv series box sets too. Unfortunately, I’ll be having to wait for the price to come down as well.


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