Bedroom project is complete!

By | August 6, 2010

My wife and two youngest left for NY Wednesday, so I stayed home for two days with my oldest.  Yesterday was not a planned day off, but I made the best of it…I decided to get those in-wall/ceiling speakers in.

I am extremely sore today.  The entire installation only took about 2.5 hours, but the attic was hot and space is cramped up there since I was working so closely to where the roof and sides of the house meet.  The rear right speaker was the easiest as the wall I had to go through there is the one adjacent to our master bathroom, so there was some room in the attic and I had no issues drilling through the rafter.  The left side was a different story.

The left speaker was part of an external wall, so the rafter there was boxed in for additional support.  My 18″ bit wasn’t long enough to go all the way up through and there wasn’t enough room to drill down from the attic.  I had to cut a small notch where the ceiling and wall meet to run my speaker wire for that one.  It’s really not as bad as it sounds though…the notch is literally about 1.5″ long and a little spackling almost made it completely disappear…especially from the ceiling perspective.  I looked for some leftover paint, but I guess we used it on a rental at some point.  You can’t see it from a distance and it’s not exactly a corner of the room we hang out in.  It will be fine.

The ceiling speakers were my biggest problem in the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, these were the easiest to put in, but I had a major issue in getting them centered correctly as the the rafters ran at intervals that made it extremely difficult to figure out.  I ended up using some painters tape to mark out exactly where the rafters were and that allowed me to tell exactly where I could cut and then mount the speakers.  The ceiling speakers were quite large, 9.5″ with 8″ of that being recessed.  I ended up being able to get them almost exactly where I wanted…one over each of our heads.

The receiver I use is a Sony STR-DE895, so it doesn’t output in 7.1.  Therefore, I had to wire those two in-ceiling speaker in series.  The speakers are 8Ω and the receiver can support 16Ω per channel, so I was OK there.  I decided to do this so that once I’m finally able to upgrade/replace that aging receiver, I can go with one that does support 7.1+ channel configurations.  I’ll just have to run on additional speaker wire to achieve it.

Anyway, that’s about it.  It was uneventful and trouble-free, for the most part.  I watched Black Dynamite last night (one-line review Monday) and they sounded great.  I can’t wait to grab more of these to replace my front and center speakers.  If you’re interested, here is what Monoprice carries.  The speakers I have are 4100 in-wall and the 4103 in-ceiling.

Sorry for the crappy pics…I couldn’t find the camera, so my G1 had to do.

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    1. Jon Post author

      You’re right…brain fart on my part. Wanted to do parallel, but speakers didn’t support it.


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