…and the bedroom project comes to a close.

By | September 7, 2010

Even though our upstairs A/C went out Friday evening, I was able to get an early enough start Sunday morning to complete the front left, right and center channel in-wall speaker installation and wrap up the bedroom project that started a couple of months ago.

There really were no complications with this part of the installation either and everything went very smoothly.  I just took the TV back off the wall after ensuring my measurements were correct, used the included templates to trace out my cuts and then went to work with the drywall saw.

I did have to do some stud-notching, but it really didn’t end up being nearly as bad as I thought.  Once getting the drywall cut away, I just used a small Black & Decker jigsaw to make a cut at the top and bottom portion of the center channel hole.  I then used a hammer to knock that section of the stud out.  Two licks and it snapped right off with the grain of the wood.  I had hoped I wouldn’t have to cut much, but that stud ran right where the left-hand speaker was, so I had to go pretty deep with it.  Anyway, it fit perfectly once finished.

The left and right front channel speakers dropped right in without any fuss at all.  The only real problems I had left was all the marking left on the wall from the Onkyo speakers I had hanging and the mounting holes for the center channel screws.  I was saved some work because my wife didn’t like the stock white these speakers came in, so she wanted them painted to match the wall.  Since I was going to do some painting anyway, I wouldn’t have to mask them off.  I inserted the included paint shields behind each speaker grill, put together the Wagner power sprayer and found the rest of the paint we used on that wall.  I was finished in about 10 minutes.  After drying, I used the included tool to carefully remove the speaker grills so I could remove the inserts and put it all back together.  I used a small foam brush to touch up a couple of lightly scratched areas (the grill is held in by pressure, so it hits the frame a little) and that was that.  Below are some terrible quality images I took with my Droid (I really need to find my camera battery).

Thanks for following my bedroom project!

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