11 thoughts on “A preview of meta<browser/> 2.0.

  1. Jon Post author

    Technical difficulties required me to recreate the post, so comments were lost. Sorry.

    I do want to answer the question that was asked (Martin P.) – a release date has not yet been set, but it can probably be measured in weeks.

  2. Sinjen

    Amazing. The new metabrowser is looking really cool. The subscription model really worries me a though.


  3. bob

    Haha…….”donation”. Sorry but no, it’s not a donation if the only way to use his software is if you cough up the money. That’s called a subscription.

  4. voiceless

    I stopped reading after “application must be authenticated fopr use on every run”. That is just retarded

  5. Richard

    I keep my movies like so:

    Name Year Type

    I used your file-to-folder script so everything is tidy. But meta browser isn’t finding my movies. I have to remove the Year and Type and then it will work. Is their a way to configure this?

    For example:

    Aladdin 1992 720p.mkv

    metabrowser can’t find this title, but will find just Aladdin.

    1. Jon Post author

      You will need to put everything not part of the title within closed brackets. So your folder name should read Aladdin [1992 720p]. You can also include the year in parenthesis, if you want Aladdin (1992) [720p] will also work. File names are not important for movies, so they do not need to be renamed.

  6. vasia

    These is all good and expensive… i prefer the free version or salami’s movie organizer(free), because always i collect the photos (covers and backdrop) manualy!


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